LTF is a firm of attorneys and economists with more than fifteen years of experience in tax and legal advice to companies and individuals and in particular expatriates and impatriates. Our lawyers and tax advisors provide advice to those companies and individuals who carry out economic and professional activities or have economic interests inside and outside of Spain. Additionally, LTF advises companies and individuals not resident in Spain who carry out professional activities in our country and individuals who wish to temporarily or permanently move their residence to Spain.
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Expatriation and impatriation

We advise individuals and companies on tax issues related to the expatriation procedure. Our services cover the complete expatriate cycle, expatriation phase, expatriation follow-up and repatriation.

Based on the analysis of the worker's fiscal residence, we analyze the fiscal impact of the displacement with the objective of determining the fiscal obligations that both the company and the worker have to comply with.

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